These photos of myself are all from my boyfriend’s first couple rolls of film. See more great Fisheye 2 pics at opiomorph’s LomoHome.

Bathtub Caddies by Umbra


Another great reason to stay at home and relax. I came across a two of these at Cliff’s Variety on Castro St. yesterday and I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear and do one of those victory dances usually reserved for something delicious you just ate and couldn’t help but wiggle with delight. These are perfect! Why didn’t I have one of these when I read the entire ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy? I think my boyfriend might be a tad jealous of the clawfoot tub and I’s new love for one another already and then this. I mean who doesn’t love a nice bath? Bring on the bubbl(y)es! 

Top left is the Goldola followed by the white and modern Oasis and lastly my favorite the Aquala